Structural Design – Superstructure

We carry out structural calculations for many types of buildings including domestic properties, retail premises, commercial properties, educational buildings, ecclesiastical buildings and industrial properties.

The projects are varied and can be a new building, an extension, a retaining wall, and the refurbishment of an existing building.

We are happy to work on small projects, including the calculations for a single steel beam as well as larger projects.

Calculations can be provided for all types of materials including steel, reinforced concrete, timber and masonry.

Structural Design – Substructure

We carry out structural calculations and provide details for specialist foundations such as raft foundations, piling schemes, retaining wall foundations, pad foundations, underpinning schemes as well as simple strip footings.

Where necessary, and including raft foundations and piling schemes, we provide the reinforcement details and bending schedules.

Removal of Internal Walls (knock-throughs) and Loft Conversions

This type of work is generally for private individuals and contractors.

Where there are architectural drawings we are happy to do the calculations for building regulation submission and for the building work. If there are no architectural drawings we are able to provide these using AutoCAD and submit them to the Local Authority for the client.

Structural Engineers Reports, Structural Advice and the Appraisal of Existing Buildings

We carry out structural engineers reports and appraisals for many types of buildings including domestic properties. We are happy to provide a full written report or just have a simple site visit where we can guide and advise the client.

Following on from the report we can monitor cracks and general movement and liaise with the contractor who is carrying out the repairs.

Structural Calculations and Drawings for Building Notices

Whilst a building notice is not the recommended or preferred method of gaining building regulation approval, on occasions, clients and contractors may use this method. We are able to provide the calculations and structural support drawing for small schemes where there are no architectural drawings.

Structural Calculations and Drawings for Retaining Walls

We carry out the calculations for all types of retaining walls from a simple garden brick wall to a house basement wall. We will recommend the best type of system and material to use such as a reinforced concrete wall or a masonry grouted system. As part of the service we will provide a section through the wall on an AutoCAD drawing with items such as recommended back fill and coping stones marked on the drawing.